Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning Sunshines…

…And a Happy New Year!

First order of the new year…




Nothing like starting off a new year/new day with a cuppa Joe…

Lately, we love our Keurig…even though we need to give it a good vinegar cleaning


no….just broadcasting my likes…no affiliation with Keurig…donut shop coffee…my fave…or Dean and Deluca. love that mug. Do you do that? Need a specific mug for specific days?

Just happen to love ‘em all on this new day of a New Year….

sooo. I share.


And in a complete baring of the soul this New Years

Here is our pantry…in all of it’s unkempt glory.

Uh, yeah...did I just open up our closets and take pix? Yep.

But I love this...Made several years ago from an inefficient way too deep pantry closet.

We added plugs lots... a drawer bank for cans and boxes and a small counter…now it's a coffee/microwave bar…

When we close the door, ~ta daaa~ it is all gone.


I think that may be my theme for this new year…

'Close the door…and Ta daaaa.'

yep. I like it.

Happy New Day of A New Decade!!

Post Title Good Morning Sunshines…