Monday, March 14, 2011

This week's organizing project was the bathroom linen closet. The linen closet is something I need to stay on top of by regularly re-organizing it. If I have to reorganize something often does it mean the space isn't set up right for my needs, I've got too much stuff, or I'm a slob?  In this case it feels like a little of all three.

My preference for linen closets is that they be wide and not too deep. In old houses linen closets tend to be an after thought, much like the bathroom itself. And, they tend to be narrow and deep -- not your easiest storage solution. Over a hundred years ago when our home was built there was no bathroom, let alone a linen closet. Most folks didn't have a stash of rugs, towels and personal care items to store away.

We use this space is for storing our towels, bath rugs and the bulk of our personal care items. The things that we use most often -- the towels and personal care products are within easy reach. The very top shelf is for the things that I nearly have to kill myself trying to reach like the back up bathroom rugs. Which have been stored for so long the rubber backing has disintegrated.

What's Not Working For Me

Each time I reorganize the linen closet I find myself sorting out the lotions, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner and shaving gel into neat little rows with the partially used containers in front so they will actually get used up. The only problem is after a few days I find myself grabbing for one of other conditioners or hair styling products at the back of the row and then not putting it back. After a few weeks the front row is one big mish mash of products and I can't find a thing. Any suggestions?

If You Don't Use It - Lose It!

We had a similar situation with the bath towels but I think it will be better going forward. In the photo above you see one row of towels; there is one more row behind those. Before organizing things, we had three rows of towels and we were always messing up the piles to get to the towels we liked best -- so with in two weeks we had another jumbled up mess. Prior organizing efforts were simpling straightening up the piles but we kept messing them up. This time around I eliminated all of the towels we don't like.

It nearly killed me to get rid of a stack of big white fluffy towels. It feels so wasteful!We've given them a fair chance several times and they just won't absorb water. We've tried all the tricks but they just won't absorb water.  How yucky it is to dry off on a non-absorbent towel -- you just keep pushing the water around.  I said "get rid of". By that I mean they are sitting in a big stack on top of the washer because I'm just not sure what to do with them. I feel so guilty getting rid of them because the look so nice and new. Should I make them into rags for my husband? Perhaps not because only absorbent material works well for his rags. Donate them? Try to sell them on Craig's List -- I feel thinking of pushing these off on anyone but somebody out there might have a good use for them.

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