Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Stylish Showroom Interior design

It’s tough, it’s rough, it’s all about playing the hard ball and not apologizing for it, in an architectural way, that is. This design is so pure and basic, no frills no grills, straight to the point, like ‘calling a spade spade’. Right from the outside, it’s the rawness that strikes the most as if the building were saying,”get in if you’re good enough, for i will protect you against anything”. Micasa Volume B, that’s the name. StudioMK27 that’s who the building belongs to. And the city in which the stands is Sao Paolo. Having said about its being raw, or even brutal, it is not implicative that it is uncomfortable. The interior, especially the chosen color, is showing the somewhat soft side of the building, quite a juxtaposition from the external temper. Anyone inside will feel the warmth or even acceptance

Post Title New Stylish Showroom Interior design