Thursday, March 10, 2011

How To Fill Chips & Dings On Millwork

Okay, my topic today isn't exactly thrilling, but I think it is helpful! While decorating projects are far more enjoyable, keeping up with repairs both big and small is key to maintaining the value and appearance of a home.

After living in our house for nearly three years there are a few repairs to attend to...including the shower rod mystery in the kid's bathroom that I still haven't addressed. But let me start with an easy one, filling in a sizable ding on the door frame leading out to the garage. 

Who doesn't have at least a few of these around the house? This particular chip is at eye level and I notice it nearly every time I pass through the door. Why? I don't know, that is just the way I am. So I finally decided to take a few minutes and make it go away!

Taking a little wood filler on the tip of the finger...

...apply over the chip, filling in and wiping away the excess.

After letting the filler dry for about 15 minutes, lightly sand with fine grit sand paper until its surface is flush with the trim.

Hopefully you have a can filled with leftover paint from when the millwork was painted...if not, it's probably a good idea to get a quart for touch ups.

Take a foam brush and dip into the paint. 

With a corner of the brush, carefully apply paint over the filled area and lightly wipe away any excess with a cotton rag or tip of the finger. Repeat if necessary, after paint dries, for full coverage.

Looking good! Unless you look very carefully you'd never know there was once a chip on the door frame at this spot. Now to just get that shower rod repaired...

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