Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The bench I mentioned in this post did get ordered and it has already arrived. I must say, that was fast Overstock.com! It's exactly as I anticipated, the perfect size, sturdy, and yes...prime for a little makeover.
I'll show pictures of the bench and the first steps tomorrow, but in the meantime I've picked out a fabric.

My initial thought was to cover the bench using the same drop cloth fabric used to make slipcovers for the two chairs sitting at the table ends. But after reading all your comments, and in particular Christine's, I suddenly was very inspired to take another direction!

"I think it's a great idea but I would definitely use a fabric that can't be wrecked since you won't be able to remove and wash like the slipcovers- what abour a faux leather/ostrich etc. That's what I'm using for my kitchen settee- with kids, I think it's the only thing that won't drive me totally batty."

Reading this I was instantly reminded of a few upholstery fabrics I've been intrigued with every time I've noticed them at Calico Corners.

Glossy leather {Vienna in Bamboo}, pebbled leather {Sydney in Pigskin} and Ostrich {Emu in Cream}.
All faux mind you, but wonderfully soft to the touch and quite high-end looking.

I ran over to the store, picked up the headers and brought them home to see the options in the room against the table, slipcovered chairs, paint and wallpaper. (Which is on some sort of extended backorder!) And..there was a clear winner.

Emu in cream. I adore the addition of the texture and the color is just perfect. I can't wait to get started!
(p.s. a "20% off  Storewide" sale is running through March 26th!)

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