Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beds Stage Narrow Room Solutions

The concept of this platform bed fit for a small bedroom. Design firm is equipped with desks and storage, according to the guy who practically single.

Bed concept stage, could be one way to create a roomy bedroom impressed. Moreover, when large bedroom available is limited.

Platform beds to make room measuring 3.5 mx2, 5m it seem roomy. Both ends of the bed is designed complete with desk, drawers and shelves, making available much storage space without having to add furniture.

Pattern of furniture laying lengthwise, following the length of the room. One area of glass covered wall. Stage bed is placed next to the glass wall.

15cm high platform bed. The width and length of 140cm and 300cm. Table on a stage located on the left side, connected to the floor of the stage with a ± 40 degree incline. Inclined plane was closed foam mattress, so it can function as the support of the head and shoulders when used for sleeping. This inclined plane can be opened, and the inside is used as storage.

Table at the end of another one does not have the incline. Side of the table serves as a TV table. The foot has drawers with opening of the stage direction, as well as the drawers closed on the outside.

Design bed this stage in accordance with the personality of a practical single guy but likes neatness. All items can be stored in a closed place. Not only compact in design, also looks elegant and masculine with a darker color and line design firm.


Post Title Beds Stage Narrow Room Solutions