Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Modern Minimalist Home Design Concepts Tropical

Minimalist Home Designs, Modern Minimalist House Design

This concept of Modern tropical house where a lot of openings and lighting as well as elements of natural stone and the water becomes the dominant element. The house is composed of three levels where the first floor is a garage and room service as well as a place to briding dog / cattle dog and the second floor section is the place for something that is semi-private with a living room, family room, pantry, dining room and guest bedroom terlrtak on the second floor of this area. As for The third floor is used for space-space are private.

Master bedroom and bedroom child is in place on this floor. Of all space in place on lantai1, lantai2 and lantai3 Praise be to Allaah we seek these spaces get penghawaan and lighting a lot, because in addition to the planners want to reduce air conditioning energy costs, opening it to the owner can see the view out who we thought beautiful enough to enjoy the eye. in other words, the planners want the Ruang21 Green building concept as a concept that must be followed setakan in every concept of architecture.

Post Title The Modern Minimalist Home Design Concepts Tropical