Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home trends for 2011

It appears that 2011 is our year!  Pat yourself on the back, Small Homeowners. We are ahead of the curve.   Furniture makers, homebuilders and appliance manufacturers are finally targeting US!!!

"The lagging economy, a slow housing market and still higher than normal unemployment rates all have contributed to what members of the National Association of Home Builders, the American Home Furnishings Alliance and the International Housewares Association have observed as a new frugality among buyers. It applies to everything from house size, to the cost of furnishings and the features of home appliances. The same consumer caution that brought us the “staycations’ of the previous decade will continue to drive many of 2011’s home-related trends." -The Star Ledger

Whatever it means to them, to us it means the Jewel Box® home and lifestyle are finally being recognized as good things. 

Trend #1:  Smaller houses.  No more McMansions!  With the shrinking carbon footprint trend and the smaller budget trend and the seeking simplicity trend, the square footage of the American home is shrinking.  Smaller homes have the appeal of being more energy efficient, more affordable and easier to maintain!

 Kathy's lake house from 
Jewel Box® Friendly Fridays.

Trend #2:  Staying put.  People are remaining in their current homes.  They aren't trading up, they are making improvements to their existing home, making it more livable and more valuable. 

The window seat from my sister's home. Notice
the storage underneath.  She and her family have lived
in this house for over 20 years.

Trend #3:  Colorize!  Even if remodeling isn't in the cards, homeowners are adding punch and pizzazz to their home's decor by adding color to sofas, lamps, pillows, accent pieces and wall color.

Mary's house from 
Jewel Box® Friendly Fridays.

Trend #4:  Get back to basics.  With all the technology running rampant in today's modern world, who would have thought that 2011 would  bring a return to old fashioned ways such as canning, preserving food, gardening and home crafts?  For many this year, remembering our American roots is the path to leading a simpler life.

Dwell magazine

Trend #5:  Time savers!  In the rush to beat the clock, crunch the budget, make the meeting on time, shuttle the kids and pick up the dry cleaning we homeowners are searching for ways to save time.  This creates a renewed reliance on faithful old appliances such as the slow cooker crock pot, the 15 minute cleaning routine and the good old-fashioned calendar!

The 2011 calendar in my kitchen.

Small home living is finally trendy.  I like 2011!


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