Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flame Effect Gas Fires from Superior Fires

These modern flueless flame effect gas fires are an intelligent, eco friendly design from Superior Fires. Compact and refined, these minimalist fires are produced using a safe high efficiency system that burns natural gas. Perfect for modern interiors, their patented catalytic converter technology allows for a flueless design. No need for technical descriptions, the idea is that it converts carbon monoxide into low levels of carbon dioxide and water vapour. These are usually present in fresh air. Common household allergies can be prevented as well, because the converter is neutralising malicious factors in the breathing air, and itself requires no cleaning and can last up to 27 years. The exterior is elegant and can be adjusted to multiple positioning, on any wall or corner. Inside are evenly spread horizontal flames that fit the minimalist exterior. Flame effect gas fires offered by Superior Fires are sure to complement the existing design of any room, being more than just good looks.

Post Title Flame Effect Gas Fires from Superior Fires