Friday, January 14, 2011

Enough About Me, Today I Want To Hear From You!

Today I would love to hear about you! I think I have a good idea who reads this blog, but then I started to wonder, do I? Have I asked? No. I have ongoing dialogs with many of you who comment, but what about the rest of the readers?

Can I ask you a question?

So today is the day! If you would be so sweet to share a few things about yourself, I would be happy, happy, happy...

(And yes, I did get this idea to ask you some questions from the funny blog Bower Power. Thanks Katie.)

Now to the questions:

1. Who are you? Get as specific as you like! (Where you live, age, career, single, married, kids, no kids, fond of dogs or a fish will do.)

2. What do you love? (Activities, hobbies, projects, interests: if you had a free day what would you do?)

3. If you could give me a week's worth of post topics, what would I be writing about on those days?

4. This question is up for grabs...write your own question and answer it as you like!

I am so curious and looking forward to hearing from you! And again, a huge thank you for spending a moment of your day to visit this blog.

Now start writing!

Post Title Enough About Me, Today I Want To Hear From You!