Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elegant Carpet Design

Carpets are made of a different type threads. Each thread has its own unique properties suitable for various uses and applications. There are traditional materials for elegant carpets have a natural luxury woolen carpets, synthetic has a high resistance to wear, and materials that combine the best qualities of two basic types. There are carpets made of other materials such as sisal, coir and jute (plant of Malvaceae family, which grows in South America).

Wool Elegant Carpet Design At Living Room

Carpets are comfortable, soft and warm. Never freeze your feet if you walk on carpet. Insulating ability of the modern carpet help to create a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere in your modern home. They reduce noise from walking on the floor, both inside the very room and between floors. Makes your carpet into a safer, more loving and provides surface which prevents slipping and falling in a natural emollient, which is very important if you have a baby or toddlers. Carpet is a layer of insulation, which increases the heat in the room and can help reduce the cost of heating the elegant home.

Unique Black and White Rug

Elegant Carpet With Unique Design

Elegant Carpet With Tiles Design

Carpets are soft plush walked over and offered a better sound and thermal insulation. However, they tend to crush and break when subjected to heavy traffic. The use of a nylon fiber with a tight construction and low may limit the deterioration of the carpet , because it has natural elasticity of nylon fiber and the additional support gained by a tight construction

Fresh Green Elegant Carpet

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