Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's To A Great 2011!

Here's to a wonderful evening of celebrating! What do you have planned for the night?

We are taking a low key approach, heading down the street to enjoy an "East Coast New Years Eve" with several families and all the kids. We'll be ringing in 2011 three hours early, to accommodate the younger kids schedules! I am so appreciative of having many wonderful friends in my neighborhood...and I am also surprised and delighted by all the friends that come by to visit me at this blog each week. Thank you a million times over! Do you know that it would not be one ounce of fun to write this blog without you? And all the projects I take on would not be nearly as satisfying to tackle, not having you to share them with. So thank you for spending a bit of your busy day to check in. I absolutely, completely, appreciate it.

Here's to a great 2011 and all that is in store!
Happy New Year...Janell

Post Title Here's To A Great 2011!