Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is here! Thank God!!!

The New Year has arrived!  Thank God!  But, I will get to that later.

First, it's time to hang those 2011 calendars.  In small spaces, finding a spot that is practical, where calendars with handwritten notes and reminders don't look 'messy', can be a challenge.  For me, the best solution is behind cabinet doors in the kitchen.  I use Command hangers to keep the calendars in place.  Reminder notes are written or clipped to calendar pages.  There is a fishing calendar for my husband who loves outdoor sports and a school calendar for my son. 


My husband's 'fishing' calendar.  The Command hanger is just visible at the top.

My son's school calendar.  Soon it will be filled with handwritten notes and activity schedules.
I also keep a calendar filled with landscape photos from Tuscany at work near my desk. It's silly, but every month I look forward to seeing the new photo.  I've never been to Tuscany or Italy, but it looks lovely.  The blue sky contrasted with green hills and the shining sun always make me smile.

So why am I thrilled to see 2011 arrive?  Nothing magic or fabulous has happened. My husband continues his job search and the loss of my dear friend Maureen in late April is still painful. But just turning the page on a new year feels as if I am putting distance between the difficult challenges and memories of 2010.  Many of you sent comforting words and encouragement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Especially Laney, Judy, Melissa, June, Rue and my sister Kelley, your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated! 

I could not imagine decorating for the holidays this year, so I didn't.  My only decorations were gifts from friends. Jill sent a huge red poinsettia which stood in for our Christmas tree...

Christy sent paperwhite flowers in a stunning silver container ....

And Doreen sent a wreath with a big red beautiful bow.

What wonderful friends!!! 

For the family Christmas Eve get together, I also made my smoked salmon plate with salmon my brother sent from Alaska. That's my son in the striped shirt.

And I shoveled a path for Buddy to take his usual walks around the house.

That was it for Christmas. Surprisingly, it was refreshing.  I certainly didn't miss the usual pressure to 'do-it-all'.

Which brings me to Jewel Box® Home and this blog.  Amber has been the heart and soul of this blog over the past year.  I could not do this without her.  We both look forward to bringing you Jewel Box® tips for your smaller homes and spaces in 2011. 

Happy New Year to everyone!


Post Title 2011 is here! Thank God!!!